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Student attendance should be 90%.-- MC Harris Winter Graduation -- December 18, 2019 @ 7 PM Bryan Performing Arts Center
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Something GREAT to say? Yep. There's a Bryan ISD App for that.

The latest in a string of shiny new ornaments added to the Bryan ISD Mobile App is a new tip line feature—Share Something Great.

Simply open the Bryan ISD Mobile App, swipe one page to the right, click the tip line and select the category. You can direct your “Something Great” to a specific school or the district in general. School principals and the Bryan ISD central office will get a copy of the ‘great things’ as they pour in, and with the community's help, we know they can.

The new feature gives the community and Bryan ISD staff an added way to celebrate what’s right in Bryan ISD, from the people who positively impact the lives of children, to a great theatre production, to celebrating a hard-fought athletic contest. Sing someone’s praises, and share the word about a new way to spread good vibes and praise.
Positivity. There's an app for that!

Other recent additions to the Bryan ISD Mobile App include:
  • A “careers” icon that connects to current job openings.
  • A “bullying/harassment” category in the tip line, to report instances of
    this behavior anonymously (optional) and by campus.
Download the Free Bryan ISD App
Available in iTunes and Google Play. Scan the QR code, or visit: