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Student attendance should be 90%
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About Mrs. Judd

Welcome to MC Harris High School!  Making the move from Northwest Louisiana where I earned my degree from LSUS at the age of 39 was a major life decision personally and professionalIy. Originally from Beaumont, Texas, and spending 21 years in LA, I am happy to once again be a resident of the great state of TEXAS! The welcome from the BISD, and the administration and staff at
MC Harris High School has been phenomenal and I feel at home. I am anxious for my students to arrive. 
I am excited to have the opportunity to serve students here this year and provide the stepping stones for my students to climb to new heights. The hats I currently wear include daughter, sister, wife, mother, grandmother, and educator.
Like many of the students here, I am non-traditional in the path I took to where I am today. Choices and life experiences have carried me through a long and winding road. The lessons I learned along the way have been valuable. A cookie cutter teacher, I am not.  I believe strongly in individuality, the ability to communicate in real world situations, and connecting coursework to make it relevant to every student's goals in life. Strategies I use will enlighten and encourage students. As proven in the past, students will be enlightened and excited to come to school every day! I believe this~If you aren't here every day, and your absence isn't an emergency, I'm doing it wrong!~