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Student attendance should be 90%
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Men of Honor

The purpose of this club shall be:

1. Identify and apply positive ways of transitioning into a young man.
2. Provide healthy coping skills in all relationships.
3. Improve relationships with parents, teachers, siblings, peers, and others.
4. Increase leadership roles in school and in the community.
5. Inspire educational and cultural growth beyond high school.
6. Encourage academic excellence and higher attendance rates.
7. Motivate responsibility in maintaining a smart, safe school.
8. Promote positive and productive behavior.

Men of Honor

Established- Spring of 2014

Mission Statement- Men of Honor promotes self-growth within the male students at MC Harris to develop leaders for tomorrow’s community, workforce, and families.

  • Men of Honor develops interpersonal skills through mock interviews, modeling and applying appropriate communication, professional training and interview, and exposure to community and educational guest speakers.
  • Men of Honor is also actively involved in community philanthropy projects.  MOH organized campus wide fundraisers for community organizations, planned MCH first ever campus field and activity day, and coordinated the largest can food drive at MC Harris to date.
  • Men of Honor also teaches basic skills needed outside of school such as; basic vehicle repairs, refined leadership qualities, and relationship building skills.
  • Men of Honor is most proud that we have been able to maintain a consistent organization and structure within a student population that is ever changing and very transient by nature.  Many of these young men have not been a part of a team or organization that promotes self growth while giving back to the community.